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To Write Love on Her Arms UChapters are dedicated to presenting hope and finding help for those struggling with depression, addiction, self-injury and suicide. UChapters exist to inspire, encourage and invest directly into treatment and recovery both locally and around the world. By building community, we believe UChapters can organize gatherings, cultivate awareness, and create a network that actively raises funds and reaches people with a message of hope and help for those who are hurting
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I am more than my culture.

I am a thriving Third Culture Kid.


The We Are More campaign is a mission to show people that they are more than the things that hold them back. Your worth extends infinitely past your dark places. Redefine yourself and finish these statements: I am more than _____. I am _______. 

This week, we’ll be publishing photos submitted via the TWLOHA street team. 

And just because our benefit is over, doesn’t mean the campaign has to end! Submit your photo and we’ll post it on our Tumblr and Facebook pages.